Forming partnerships is a recognized approach for enterprises to achieve business growth, increase revenue and broaden business benefits. This is because collaborations allow companies to utilize specific strengths of their partners in conjunction with their own to achieve accomplishments that are unique to the partnership. M800 Limited has a proven history of improving the revenue of their partners by providing distinctive offerings that lead to success.

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The mobile industry has confirmed that it has achieved a critical milestone in the race to bring 5G networks to life: official approval of “5G standalone” specifications. In a collective announcement, 3GPP and dozens of wireless companies are describing the approval as kicking off “the final sprint towards 5G commercialization,” which will begin in the United States this year and elsewhere next year. The newly completed specification enables developers to choose from a standalone 5G standard that doesn’t depend upon 4G, or the earlier non-standalone 5G standards with 4G ties.

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