We are now experiencing a surging digital wave. Digital transformation is changing the world faster than ever before, driving new growth in various fields, from life to production, from individuals to organizations.

The digital economy is gaining vitality despite the uncertainty. Driven by digitalization, networking and intelligence, the real and digital worlds are converging and evolving at a fast pace, which is reshaping the entire human society.

As a digital native company, ZTE will always stick to its business philosophy of "Simplicity, Agility, and Openness for Win-Win," while strengthening its evolution by riding this wave.

With regard to business certainties, we innovate to achieve simplicity. With our decades-long efforts in DICT innovations, we promote computing and network convergence and redefine hardware and software integration to achieve optimal, end-to-end solutions.

With regard to business uncertainties, we act with quickness and agility to explore new opportunities. Internally, we step up efforts to enhance underlying capabilities with highly flexible components that are ready for fast implementation. Externally, we launch minimum viable products and make constant iterations for different scenarios.

Together with our customers and partners, we aim to build a digital and intelligent ecosystem for greater openness and shared success.

In this era of data explosion, there are many challenges, for example, the slowdown of Moore's Law, closing the gap to the Shannon Limit and the pursuit of sustainable and green growth, as well as digital security.

Shaping digital innovation essentially depends on the convergence of computing and networks and the upgrade of digital infrastructure. This is also crucial for us to fully embrace and lead the digital era.

At the infrastructure level, the key is combining performance and efficiency.

One focus is the mode of chipset design plus the Domain Specific Architecture, aiming for the continuation of Moore's Law. The other is hardware acceleration through smart Network Interface Cards and DPUs to optimize both hardware and software. 

At the application level, the key is service extension.

First, through 5G-Advanced, 6G, all-optical mesh networks, RIS and space-air-ground integrated networks, the network boundary is extended. Second, with a deterministic network and the integration of sensing, communication, computing and control, the application boundary is extended. Finally, through DPU-centric architecture and more advanced cloud-network convergence, the capability boundary is further extended.

At the ecosystem level, the key is a diverse and robust value chain.

Even in a multi-vendor and multi-cloud environment, quality services with integrated "connectivity, computing and digital capabilities" are available. At the same time, and as always, ZTE, together with partners, safeguards sustainable development with green, intelligent and secure business operations.

The year 2023 will be full of challenges and opportunities. By sticking to its strategy, ZTE will make targeted and pragmatic efforts for steady growth and continue to promote its digital transformation. In this way, we aim to make greater progress in product planning, market expansion and organizational design.

Regarding product planning, we will keep improving our core ICT capabilities and build solid competence in product design, R&D and delivery to meet different customer demands. On this basis, we will develop a full series of DICT products and integrated solutions to guarantee technological leadership in the first curve and enhance the competitive edge in the second curve.

As for market expansion, ZTE will explore more digital scenarios together with global operators, enterprises, consumers and partners. Tapping into our stronger product capabilities, we will further expand into new fields, such as automotive electronics and renewable energy.

As to organizational design, we will strengthen our efforts in digitalization to build a highly resilient and green company. Based on industry insights, application scenarios and integrated operations, we will give full play to our special teams to adapt to the needs of customers and markets.

From large-scale 5G SA networks to highly-efficient, green computing hubs and edge nodes and diverse industry applications, ZTE is dedicated to providing integrated solutions involving cloud, network, edge and terminal. As a driver of the digital economy, we are always on our way to creating greater value.

More open, agile, resilient and intelligent, ZTE is willing to work with all partners in the industry and ecosystem to shape digital innovation and embrace a new digital future.

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