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The development of 5G and its applications in the Internet of Things, where 1.8 billion active 5G connections are estimated by 2025, is generating greater interest in satellite solutions to fulfill the criteria of reduced network latency, increased data volume, and connection density. In areas where terrestrial networks are absent or found lacking, satellites can fill the gap to provide ubiquitous connectivity in an increasingly connected world.

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At a recent press conference titled "5G 700MHz Convergent Network of Dahaize Coal Mine", it was announced that ZTE deployed 5G industry core network (i5GC+iIMS) to provide Dahaize Coal Mine end-to-end 5G VoNR HD video services to support safe coal mine activities underground in real-time. It realizes the world’s first 5G 700M+2.6G convergent networking in the coal industry. ZTE successfully assisted Shaanxi Yulin Energy & Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. of China Coal Mine Group, China Coal Technology Engineering Group Smart Mining Co., Ltd., China Radio & Television, China Mobile, and other partners in deploying this network. This is the first time a 5G 700MHz frequency band network is applied in the field of industrial energy and is of great significance to the intelligent development of coal mines in China.

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In July 2021, ZTE Corporation was rewarded Global Product Innovation Award by Frost & Sullivan, for its continuous innovation and leading-edge technologies position in the server industry. The award recognizes the company’s versatility in server technologies and great contribution to the overall development of the server industry. It also recognizes excellent features and benefits of ZTE x86 servers the company brings to customer, including ultra-reliable performance, scalability, cost savings, global reach and system applicable to a variety of application use cases.

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By Craig Burchell, Senior VP Global Government Affairs at Huawei, Shenzhen, China

Digital trade can accelerate economic recoveries by lowering transaction costs and accelerating time-to-market. For small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular, it can mean the difference between expanding into global markets or remaining purely as a domestic business.

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To deliver next-generation digital experiences and differentiated services to its customers, M1 is partnering with Microsoft to harness the power of cloud to accelerate its digital transformation journey. Telecom Review Asia interviews Nathan Bell, Chief Digital Officer at M1 Limited and George M.P., Director of Enterprise Commercial at Microsoft Singapore to find out how this collaboration drives M1’s ambition to become a digital service provider and add value to customers.

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MTN GlobalConnect, a digital wholesale and infrastructure services company, has set itself a goal to grow the fibre network from an 85,000 km of proprietary fibre to 135,000 km in the coming years and expand African connectivity. Leading the journey is CEO Frédéric Schepens, who is compelled and determined to grow social and economic benefits in Africa. Telecom Review Africa had the chance to talk with him and dig deeper into MTN GlobalConnect’s plans and ambitions.

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As the largest market in ASEAN, with a population of 270 million, Indonesia is also one of the fastest-growing digital economies in the region, promising immense growth potential as tech efforts ramp up exponentially. Contrary to declines across other sectors, Indonesia’s digital economy reported a 4% growth from the preceding year to reach $44 billion in 2020, accounting for more than 4% of the country’s gross domestic product. By 2025, Indonesia’s digital economy is expected to jump threefold to reach $124 billion.

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