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Huawei Indonesia has partnered with Accenture, Cloudera, Anabatic, IDPRO, Infosys and Telkomsigma to launch Huawei FusionSphere 6.0, billed as an enterprise-class cloud operating system that helps customers deploy virtual servers, private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, clouds desktop, and virtualized network infrastructure.

According to Huawei, FusionSphere 6.0 exploit open source software to give customers more choice. 'Huawei FusionSphere 6.0 keeps pace with the open-source OpenStack community, complies with the native OpenStack standards, and supports OpenStack application programming interfaces (APIs),' Huawei said.

'Third-party applications developed on native OpenStack can run on Huawei FusionSphere 6.0 without having to make changes. With this level of open source capability, this latest solution aims to be flexible enough to adapt to each customer's unique needs.'

Huawei said FusionSphere 6.0 has been designed to help enterprises overcome the challenges faced in IT transformation, making enterprise business and workflow more effective and efficient and lowering the investments required in IT assets and human resources.

""We also focused on IT infrastructure, software platforms and enterprise cloud services when creating the cloud ecosystem. Together with partners here in Indonesia, we are optimistic that we can create an open cloud ecosystem and achieve mutual success,' Huawei said.

Huawei announced FusionSphere 6.0 at Huawei Cloud Conference Indonesia, staged as part of the 3rd Indonesia ICT Carnival 2016. Huawei Indonesia says it also shared at the conference its practices in cloud transformation in cooperation with Accenture, as partners, for IT solutions provider Telkomsigma.

'This successful practice in cloud transformation embodies Huawei Indonesia's commitment to do innovation together with partners in an effort to build an open cloud ecosystem to help customers accelerate the transformation toward cloud solutions,' Huawei said.

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