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The much anticipated 13th edition of Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit was held at the Meydan Hotel in Dubai on Tuesday, the 10th of December 2019, bringing together industry leaders, partners and the who’s who of the telecoms world to explore some of the most exciting topics of the fourth industrial revolution, namely the role of 5G and the endless opportunities it would undoubtedly bring to telcos.

Mr An Jian, the President of Carrier Business Group for Huawei Middle East was one of the keynote speakers during the summit and used his platform to talk about how 5G can become a commercial success if operators and vendors collaborated and worked closely with one another.

“We need to involve all the current regulators, industry leaders and partners so that everybody can work together so we can have a complete 5G experience that could benefit us all,” he said.

Additionally, Jian also brought to light the important role of the telecoms ecosystem that will inevitably set the tone for the 5G digital transformation, specifically in the Middle East and GCC. As of now, more than 50 commercial networks have been launched in the GCC, of which two thirds are powered by Huawei.

“5G will open up a range of possibilities for operators. It will introduce new opportunities and this situation is essential for operators to take advantage of. Instead of waiting for it to come to them, they should embrace it wholeheartedly. My suggestion is to try to leverage the 5G market so that you can continue to explore these new opportunities together with our partners.”

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