RSTOR, a global software-defined cloud platform provider, and Arcserve, LLC, the world’s most experienced data and ransomware protection provider, announced the formation of a partnership that will enhance data resilience across complex infrastructures. Together, the companies will redefine affordable data availability and flexible data management in today’s volatile computing environment.

Threats to data and applications have evolved significantly over the past few years as ransomware incidents, third-party/supply-chain attacks and other malicious events rise while risks from insider stakeholders and natural disasters remain constant. This challenge is multiplied as critical information and applications sprawl across legacy mainframes, data centers, private cloud and public cloud resources. As a result, technology executives are looking for ways to ensure data and applications can be rapidly retrieved to continue operations.

“RSTOR provides a flexible cost-efficient cloud data repository that extends Arcserve’s ability to automate data recovery and ensure smooth business continuity in an intuitive manner. The partnership with RSTOR will offer our customers an efficient and dynamic infrastructure to help access critical resources in the event of unexpected incidents that disrupt normal operations,” says Clark Brown, Vice President of Channel Sales and Alliances at Arcserve.

As a major provider of backup, disaster recovery, data migration and other services, including ransomware protection, Arcserve delivers cost-effective business resilience services for enterprises of all shapes and sizes.

In the near future, RSTOR and Arcserve plan to release new cloud-based services to ensure business continuity of applications and data. As RSTOR does not charge egress and data access fees, organizations can rapidly retrieve large data sets without the fear of costly economic consequences or unbudgeted fees. This is increasingly critical for all organizations that depend on 24/7 access to information resources.

“By providing a comprehensive high-performance mirror of production data and applications in a cost-effective repository, Arcserve and RSTOR will enable organizations to withstand breaches, ransomware attacks and other disruptive developments by immediately resuming IT operations with minimal impact on business activity until main systems are brought back online,” says Gio Coglitore, CEO for RSTOR.

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