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U Mobile has signed a collaboration agreement with TIME dotCom (Time) as part of its long-term home broadband strategy. With this latest partnership, the telco will increase its Malaysian household reach more than sevenfold, especially among those in high-rise residential areas in major cities. This will enable even more Malaysians to enjoy U Mobile’s high-speed home fiber broadband plans, featuring connectivity speeds of up to 1Gbps.

“U Mobile has won Frost & Sullivan’s Mobile Services Company of the Year for many years in a row, and it is a testament to the appeal of our unbeatable mobile plans. We certainly hope to have the same kind of appeal with our high-speed fibre broadband plans. Our latest partnership with Time is an affirmation of our commitment, as we will be expanding the reach of our high-speed fibre broadband services exponentially via their footprint. U Mobile is also working hard to innovate to bring even more home broadband plans and benefits for our customers to enjoy a truly converged experience,” said Wong Heang Tuck, chief executive officer of U Mobile.

“Access to gig-speed connectivity on Time’s network has been open to Internet service providers for a while now. We’re happy to be facilitating the delivery of fast, consistent Internet to U Mobile’s customers. We’ll continue to improve on our infrastructure as we expand our coverage across Malaysia,” said Lee Guan Hong, executive director of Time.

U Mobile’s partnership with Time comes after its partnership with Allo Technology, a subsidiary of Tenaga Nasional, which took place last year.

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