IoT platform company Ayla Networks has teamed up with Chinese home appliance maker Changhong to launch a new generation of connected air conditioners. Ayla Networks will provide IoT cloud technology and cloud platform support for Changhong's split air-conditioning products worldwide, and Changhong will also make use of Ayla technology to create smart air-conditioning products in regions outside China.

In particular, Ayla's IoT platform will allow Changhong to perform over-the-air (OTA) updates of software continuously.

Ayla has established IoT clouds operating from data centers in North America, China and Europe. It says that, by using its IoT platform, Changhong and other home appliance manufacturers can easily solve a series of challenges faced by smart product exports, such as adaptability to local market laws and regulations; docking with the local cloud; insight into the local market, user experience and habits; better understanding of the capabilities and costs of operating cloud services in the local market; and improved time to market for the launch of new connected products.

JianBin HE, vice general manager of Changhong air conditioner overseas marketing center, said: ""Although this agreement with Ayla mainly covers Changhong's air-conditioning business, the cooperation may be extended to more areas and may result in more in-depth and extensive cooperation in the future.""

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