Bangladesh telco, Global Voice Telecom Limited (gvtele) has upgraded its international gateway with Dialogic's IMS-ready intelligent call and session control solutions to help lower costs and position itself to provide advanced services to the Bangladesh market.

gvtele has deployed Dialogic's ControlSwitch System softswitch, BorderNet 4000 session border controller, I-Gate 4000 media gateways, and I-Gate 4000 session bandwidth optimizer Core X (SBO-CX) solutions for its international gateway implementation.

Samiul Huq, chief technical officer at gvtele, said: ""Dialogic's ControlSwitch System and optimization solutions have enabled us to significantly lower costs and still deliver high quality telecommunications and routing services to our customers.""

Dialogic says it was able to meet the stringent requirements gvtele needed to comply as an IGW operator, including monitoring and extensive reporting for audit and revenue sharing purposes. It also enabled gvtele to easily handle complex settlement scenarios with peering operators. ""The ControlSwitch System has been able to outperform gvtele's existing class 4 switching technology, validating its decision to augment its existing switching technology with a platform that not only provided more features and higher availability, but also reduced the overall total cost of ownership (TCO),"" Dialogic said.

gvtele is one of the largest international gateway (IGW) service providers in Bangladesh. More than 200 interconnect partners worldwide, from tier 1 incumbent carriers to global OTT operators to boutique carriers, use gvtele to handle their Bangladesh traffic. gvtele has PoPs in London and Singapore.