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Indosat Ooredoo and Play2Pay, Inc. have entered a partnership to launch Adsgift, a platform that provides a unique, exciting, and personalized gamification experience for its users. Adsgift enables users to find out about the latest trends in the market, gets the latest updates on content and games, and provides an opportunity for users to gain various attractive rewards.

This partnership is in line with Indosat Ooredoo’s efforts to become Indonesia’s leading digital telecommunications company that supports the digital economy, enabling producers and customers to gain more digitization benefits through platforms provided.

Ritesh Kumar Singh, Chief Commercial Officer of Indosat Ooredoo, said, “Indosat Ooredoo is committed to providing the best digital experience for users and offering products that have an added value. We understand that customers face challenges of going outside due to this pandemic, but they can still be productive by utilizing digital technology. Therefore, through Adsgift, we hope that people can get an added value through mobile gamification experience.”

Adsgift combines personalized offers or promotions with a fun gamification experience for customers. Through Adsgift, customers can get an internet quota of up to 5 GB per month to support their digital activities.

Customers can download Adsgift through the Google Play Store, then use the application to collect points. The points collected can later be exchanged for IM3 Ooredoo internet packages. Customers can even obtain a free internet quota after completing the registration process using an IM3 Ooredoo number.

Besides, the Adsgift application allows full control by users through various options to redeem the offers given. Users will still feel comfortable and safe without the risk of disrupting their activities when accessing their gadgets.

Chris Liveing, VP Carrier Sales at Play2Pay™, said, “Indonesia has a fairly leading mobile and telecommunications industry, making it the right place for Play2Pay™ to launch this innovation for the first time in Asia by partnering with Indosat Ooredoo. By expanding our gamification-based payments platform to Indonesia, it enables even more people having an option to play and participate in making bill payments to service providers.”