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The Macau government has issued 5G licenses to local telecom providers, CTM and China Telecom (Macau).

In an announcement published in the Macau SAR’s official gazette, the 5G licenses are valid for eight years.

Under the terms of the agreement, CTM and China Telecom (Macau) are required to deploy a 5G network that will cover half of Macau starting from the year of the issuance of the 5G license and eventually expand the coverage throughout the whole territory. The agreement also requires the telcos to start delivering commercial services within 18 months.

In a press release, Vice President, Commercial, CTM, Ebel Cham, said, “CTM has already formulated various 5G service plans, striving to launch 5G on November 14. In the future, riding on the advantages of ‘5G Network Cloud Convergence,’ CTM will develop and introduce more smart applications that cater [to] the needs of Macau in order to accelerate the development of ‘Digital Macau’ in full swing.”

CTM has established roaming collaborations with 483 telecom operators in 251 countries and regions worldwide. In terms of 5G roaming service, CTM has been actively extending cooperation      and has already reached 5G roaming collaboration agreements with 78 telecom operators in 77 countries and regions at this moment, allowing it to provide seamless 5G roaming service to its customers. CTM will continue to extend collaborations in 5G roaming service in the coming years     .


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