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Airtel unveiled India’s first immersive Virtual Reality (VR) advertisement powered by 5G. The advertisement format on the Airtel Thanks app opens new avenues for brands to engage with consumers in an immersive environment that was previously not possible in the traditional advertising paradigm.

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ZTE and AIS have jointly launched Thailand’s first 5G innovation hub, named “5G A-Z Center.” Both parties have signed an MOU of strategic partnership to develop 5G tech and enhance the digital infrastructure construction, to bring excellent 5G experiences to Thailand and strengthen the competitiveness of the country on 5G.

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Effective September 1, China Broadband Communications rebrands as CBC Tech to reflect the company’s vision to become a next-generation network-as-a-service (NaaS) provider. CBC Tech will focus on providing elevated customer experiences and technological innovations to enable global enterprises to grow in China, as well as empowering Chinese companies that plan to penetrate overseas markets.

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Leading global ICT provider, Huawei today hosts the 11th edition of the Seeds for the Future Program in Singapore. For the first time in conjunction with the program, Huawei also debuted the Tech to Build Your Career seminar at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), which participants learn about the future of tech careers and foster entrepreneurship.

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In its commitment to accelerate technology breakthroughs and digital transformation, Maxis is working closely with its 5G Alliance partners on initiatives to create and commercialize 5G use cases and IoT solutions across industries in Malaysia and Asia-Pacific.

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M1 Limited has announced that it will undertake an ambitious multi-year project that aims to provide ubiquitous 5G standalone (SA) offshore coverage for the southern coast of Singapore, including the surrounding waters of the southern islands.

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