Hong Kong’s Communications Authority (CA) has recently launched a new Localised Wireless Broadband Service (LWBS) License to further support and encourage the expansion of 5G networks.

These licenses will be granted to 26GHz and 28GHz bands, with up to 400MHz distributed between 24.25GHz and 28.35GHz for localised coverage. An annual fixed fee of HKD 100,000 ($12,825) and various other costs will be charged depending on the amount base stations and LWBS devices used, along with the allocated spectrum total.

“The shared spectrum under the LWBS licence will be assigned on a geographically sharing basis, for use in different specified locations such as university campuses, industrial estates, the airport and technology parks. It may also be used to support fixed-wireless access or smart city applications,” a representative of CA said.

He also noted that LWBS services will be “distinct from conventional mobile services” and would be more reserved for a particular set of users using wireless data-centric communications.