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True Online is reinforcing its leadership in broadband internet by joining with ZTE Corporation to launch Thailand's first 50G PON prototype in the Grand Fortune Hotel. To promote the continuous upgrading of fixed-network broadband infrastructure, the release will strongly support the industrial development of Thailand 4.0 and help the Thai people enjoy the dividend of the digital economy.

Dylan Jin, Account Director of ZTE Thailand, noted that the gigabit home broadband service is currently widely used in Thailand, and the basic fixed network is in the time window of evolution from G PON to 10G PON. Based on True Online's powerful network bandwidth capabilities, the company has continuously developed services to increase efficiency and expand its fiber network, along with presenting a state-of-the-art innovation device and innovative products and services that serve the changing demands of consumers. With the industry-leading technical capabilities in PON products, ZTE will deepen its cooperation with True online and improve the family life experience of the Thai people.

As a next-generation PON access technology, the 50G PON supports many scenarios and applications. In addition to providing ultra-broadband access for families, the 50G PON can also support innovative services such as 5G, cloud VR, telehealth and industrial intelligent manufacturing for high bandwidth, low latency and jitter, and clock synchronization requirements. These features will further improve the experience in all aspects of Thailand's social life.

The 50G PON prototype was tested at this launch event. Based on the verification of key performances of the 50 GPON prototype, in this test, the ultra-wide transmission rates of downlink 43.90 Gbps and uplink 23.30 Gbps. Compared with 10G PON, the key performance parameters have been greatly improved and can support the scenarios of future 10 Gbps access, meeting the network transmission requirements of digital transformation in the industry.

As a key member of standards organizations such as ITU-T and IEEE, and as an industry leader in the field of fixed network technologies, ZTE has been committed to working with partners to promote the development of broadband technologies and gain insight into the technical development direction and potential of the access networks. In the future, ZTE will assist True in providing valuable technical support and development insights for the construction of Thailand 4.0.

As Thailand's largest fixed-network broadband operator, True Online has been committed to researching new technologies to improve the quality of life for the Thai people. True and ZTE will continue their research on technological evolution, home interconnection and industrial applications, which will continue to improve the life experience of the Thai people through technological innovation in the future and will also consolidate the infrastructure base of Thailand's digital economy.

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