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All-you-can-eat restaurants are a big part of Filipino culture, especially for celebrations with loved ones. Vikings is the top buffet restaurant in the Philippines, offering a wide variety of cuisines to satisfy everyone's appetite.

To support Vikings' growth, PLDT Enterprise provides digital infrastructure, communication and connectivity services to help them improve their operations. The restaurant industry has seen significant changes due to digital advancements, and PLDT Enterprise aims to help businesses like Vikings stay competitive and succeed in the digital landscape.

In the past, Vikings handled incoming calls manually with only two lines, and their operations were slowed by intermittent internet connections. They had to accommodate around 1,500 reservations daily.

To improve their operations, they turned to PLDT Enterprise for help. They implemented PLDT Enterprise's iGate Premium, which provides reliable and stable connectivity to support their day-to-day operations.

Managing Director of Vikings Group Jackson Go stated, “Without connectivity, businesses may risk losing customers, fall behind in the market or miss out on growth opportunities.

“For our partners, subscribing to our iGate solution provides them a secure connectivity so they may thrive in the digital age,” he explained.

The Vikings Group has improved its operations since partnering with PLDT Enterprise. They can now handle a higher volume of calls, inquiries, and reservations thanks to their expansion from two phone lines to ten, which includes message-recording features for secure transactions.

The partnership has allowed the Vikings Group to connect better with their clients, resulting in increased sales and improved customer experience. PLDT Enterprise is committed to understanding and accommodating the needs of its partners in the food service industry by providing technologies and solutions to enhance customer experience and optimize operations.

Mitch Locsin, first vice president and head of Enterprise and International Business Groups at PLDT and Smart, emphasizes their commitment to moving forward together with their partners in the food service industry.

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