NetFoundry and Fasttrack Solutions have teamed up to help Filipino businesses achieve agility by creating their own application-specific networks in the cloud, on any device.

The NetFoundry Multi-Cloud Connect solution provides application-specific networks (ASNs) on-demand, over the public internet that enables ultra-secure, high-performance edge-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud connections with Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM, Bluemix and many others.

“This partnership with Fasttrack is a step in the right direction,” said Dipesh Ranjan, NetFoundry’s Head of Asia Pacific operations. “Filipino companies are poised to take advantage of this new software-only connectivity solution. It builds a momentum that they can ride in order to achieve better, even exponential, business results.”

“We are thrilled to join forces with NetFoundry,” said Kerwin Malabanan, Managing Director of Fasttrack, a 100% Filipino company.  “It embodies our core philosophy of enabling businesses to acquire cutting edge technologies in the most economic and cost-effective way possible. Netfoundry does not just provide companies with an alternative to costly VPNs but it also provides them with faster and more secure connectivity.” 

Fasttrack, known as the first and only Platinum Partner of SAP in the Philippines through United VARs, prides themselves as being 100% dedicated to SAP products and technologies. With Netfoundry technology, Fasttrack can now offer a solution to migrate SAP on-premise to cloud in minutes.

The more common WAN and IP VPNs, Ranjan said, are no longer able to meet current challenges because they are specific to the location, the hardware and the service provider.

“Thriving in a world of constant digital transformation requires application-centric networking,” he said. “The network should be an integral component of application development and operation life cycles, alongside databases and other related components.”

“Today’s businesses have a far greater need to be mobile and agile,” added Malabanan. “Fasttrack’s intimate knowledge of the workings of Filipino companies and NetFoundry’s expertise in connectivity solutions make this partnership timely and ideal.”

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