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In order to strengthen their market presence and reach more customers, top telecom operators and data center providers in the ASEAN region have joined forces to create an alliance called ASEANConnect.One.

This strategic move aims to provide a more streamlined experience for customers, with one-stop shopping, unified billing, consistent operational processes, and improved service quality. These enhancements are designed to reduce installation and maintenance times, making it easier for carriers and OTT players in ASEAN countries to access collaborative services seamlessly.

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The key players in this alliance include APT Satellite Company Limited, FPT International Telecom Company Limited, Interlink Telecom Public Company Limited, NEOCOM LSP Limited, NTC Asia Limited, SEAX Global Pte Limited, and Telekomunikasi Indonesia International Pte. Ltd. (Telin).

Each of these entities is a registered telecommunication carrier or data center operator in their respective countries, with the necessary licenses to offer connectivity services such as local wired connectivity services, international wired connectivity services, satellite connectivity services, and data center services.

By uniting under the ASEANConnect.One umbrella, these industry leaders aim to revolutionize the connectivity and data center landscape in the ASEAN region. The alliance will provide clients with a standardized range of services, ensuring reliability, scalability, and efficiency in connectivity and data center management solutions.

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This collaboration will enable OTT platforms to deliver content more effectively, ensuring seamless streaming experiences for users across borders. Not only will this partnership enhance the reach and quality of OTT services, but it will also drive innovation in content delivery solutions, boosting engagement and growth in the dynamic ASEAN digital landscape.

ASEANConnect.One represents a significant milestone in the evolution of connectivity and data center services in the region. By leveraging the expertise and resources of all alliance members, ASEANConnect.One is well-positioned to deliver exceptional value and innovation to clients, fueling digital transformation and economic growth across the ASEAN region.

The alliance's one-stop shop offers high SLA with borderless connectivity supported by a range of fully redundant terrestrial, submarine cable, and satellite networks, ensuring a quick integration process. This alliance is poised to usher in a new era of connectivity and data center solutions for carriers and OTTs throughout the ASEAN region.

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