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Asia-Pacific is driving the telecommunications industry forward by adopting Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), a transformative shift that is reshaping the sector. Telecom companies in the region are taking a proactive approach and embracing NFV technologies as part of their digital transformation. NFV enables operators to improve agility, optimize resources, and quickly deploy innovative services. As Asia-Pacific becomes a leader in digital transformation, NFV becomes a crucial component, providing a flexible and scalable infrastructure that positions the region at the forefront of global telecom innovation.

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Over the years, technology has evolved at a rapid scale, breaking barriers and overcoming boundaries. Through these innovations, the world has progressively become more connected and accessible. Digital transformation has acted as a catalyst for reshaping various industries, which subsequently improves consumers’ experience.

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Data has played a vital role in the formation of our society, driven by the progressive growth and development of technology.  It has evolved into the lifeblood of modern devices and enterprises, driving global progress.

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Cambodia’s telco market has been experiencing a series of significant transformations. Addressing the changing demands of consumers is a significant part of this whole process. During the FutureNet Asia 2023 in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Telecom Review Asia got the chance to talk to Andrey Kuzin, CTO, Smart Axiata, to discuss the significant contribution of Smart Axiata in the telco industry within Cambodia and how they address the challenges and embrace opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving environment.

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During the Huawei Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) 2023, the concept of small box, big power and bigger business was presented via the LampSite solution.

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During the FutureNet 2023 conference, held on October 18-19 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Telecom Review Asia had the privilege of interviewing David Turkington, the Head of Technology APAC at GSMA. Turkington provided valuable insights into the technology landscape in the Asia-Pacific region, highlighting its diversity in terms of distance, population and technological advancement.

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