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Enabling automation is a top priority for mobile operators worldwide to deliver superior customer experience and more innovative services. Telecom Review Asia speaks with Başar Akpınar, CEO & Co-Founder of P.I. Works, a provider of mobile network planning, management, and optimization solutions, to learn about the value of AI-based automation and the ease of adopting these solutions.

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ZTE has crossed many significant milestones in terms of global customer premises equipment (CPE) shipped. Today, ZTE continues to lead in this sector as 5G proliferates to unlock the future of connectivity. Telecom Review Asia connects with Bai Keke, vice president of ZTE Corporation and general manager of Mobile Internet Product Department, Mobile Device Division, to learn more about ZTE’s innovations and leadership.

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Network automation is one of the key pillars when addressing the ever-evolving needs of enterprise IT and is instrumental in carving out digital transformation success. Telecom Review Asia interviews Sui Jin Foong, systems engineering director, ASEAN & Taiwan, Juniper Networks, to gather more insights on automation to leverage the full potential of networks and data centers.

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While 5G is still unfolding and far from being ubiquitous, discussions on 6G technology are already ongoing. With new cellular technologies being introduced approximately every decade, 6G promises to be the newest hype, following 5G, that will take shape in the 2030s.

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The opening blog from Ericsson’s Data Driven Transformation series in partnership with FutureNet World.

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Intelligent connectivity powered by 5G is a key pillar for advancing industries in a modernized digital economy. True Corporation, a communication conglomerate in Thailand, leverages 5G as an enabler for digital transformation that can best deliver value to both the public and private sectors, as the country navigates its ongoing digital evolution to better lead in the digital economy.

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