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ZTE Corporation, a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, has been honored with the 2023 Climate Leadership Award (A list) for its exemplary contributions to climate change mitigation and sustainable development.

ZTE received the award at the "Embracing International Disclosure Standards and Amplify the Voice of Chinese Companies - CDP China 2023 Annual Report Release and Award Ceremony." This recognition coincided with the inclusion of ZTE's case study, titled "Target-Driven, Layered Decoding: Pathways and Actions to Achieve Climate Goals," in the 2023 CDP China Corporates Disclosure Report.

“Green and sustainable development is a global consensus, with digital intelligence playing a pivotal role. In line with this trend, ZTE has dedicated itself to green and low-carbon innovations and received an ‘A’ rating for its leading climate action in [the] CDP Climate Change 2023 Questionnaire—an honor achieved by only 2% of global participants,” Summer Chen, Vice President and General Manager of Branding & PR Strategies at ZTE, said in her speech.

Dedication to ‘Green’ Dimensions

ZTE is dedicated to promoting environmentally friendly development through four main dimensions: green operations, green supply chain, green digital infrastructure and green empowerment, which contributed to its steady progress towards its aim of reaching carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals.

The company has, so far, achieved notable milestones in each key dimension. ZTE achieved a 9.7% YoY decrease in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across its entire value chain in the field of sustainable operations. Additionally, there was a 14.58% YoY decrease in the physical intensity of GHG emissions related to its telecom products. The company also achieved 700% YoY growth in the installed capacity of photovoltaic (PV) power generation in 2023.

When it comes to making its supply chain more sustainable, ZTE has conducted carbon reduction audits of more than 150 suppliers. Through its green logistics initiatives, ZTE has successfully achieved a 3.26% reduction in carbon emissions intensity. Moreover, ZTE has been awarded with the “National Level Green Supply Chain Management Enterprise” accolade.

Meanwhile, the company’s commitment to green digital infrastructure was demonstrated through its comprehensive collection of more than 650 green patents and carbon footprint assessments of 101 products spanning all categories. These innovative solutions developed by ZTE have enabled global operators to save 10 billion kilowatt-hours in electricity consumption annually.

To promote green empowerment, ZTE is pioneering 5G+ green initiatives in partnership with over 1000 entities across 15 sectors, which have generated over 100 application scenarios.

ZTE's science-based targets, have recently been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and are now listed on the SBTi's target dashboard. ZTE has become the first large-scale ICT company to obtain official approval for its near-term and long-term GHG emission reduction targets, resulting in its inclusion in the CDP A List.

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