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The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) in Myanmar has deployed TrueConf’s self-hosted software for the implementation of its private cloud for video conferencing and team messaging.

The system will allow MOTC to improve operational efficiency, strengthen information security, and promote seamless operation at all levels of the Ministry.

The Ministry plays an essential role in promoting Myanmar's growth by overseeing important sectors such as postal services, telecommunications, and public transportation, thus, updating its communication channels would be crucial not only from a savings perspective, but also for improving efficiency and promoting collaboration.

TrueConf Server, an all-in-one self-hosted collaboration platform, was utilized by MOTC to serve as the core of its communication network. By leveraging TrueConf's proprietary protocol and hosting the server within their infrastructure, the Ministry ensures data integrity and mitigates unauthorized access. This setup grants MOTC's IT specialists full control over conferences, maintaining a secure environment for confidential discussions.

Additionally, the Ministry has successfully incorporated the current video conferencing into the new corporate network by utilizing the TrueConf MCU, a software transcoding server that facilitates SIP and H.323 endpoints and is compatible with hardware vendors like Polycom and Cisco. The result is a cohesive communication system that enables MOTC personnel to seamlessly interact across different departments.

The Need for a Private-Cloud Infrastructure

The implementation of the new private cloud enables MOTC's day-to-day operations to become more efficient, thereby enhancing decision-making processes within the organization. TrueConf has also accelerated seamless organizational functions and productivity by enabling around 400 employees to hold meetings, trainings, workshops, and live events without any difficulties.

With sensitive government information being shared and discussed during video conferences, maintaining data security and compliance with regulations is paramount. A private cloud ensures that data remains within the organization's infrastructure, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and ensuring compliance with data protection laws. By self-hosting the software, MOTC retains full control over the infrastructure supporting their video conferencing and messaging platform.


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