In an exclusive interview with Zach Bosin, VP of product & growth marketing, BlueJeans by Verizon, he shared how the platform combines high-quality audio featuring Dolby Voice (R), HD video and web-conferencing capabilities for cloud-based meetings or significant interactive events, making it a perfect fit for partners like Telecom Review Group in catering to webinars and virtual events business.

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Telecom Review Asia interviews Zhang Wanchun, senior vice president of ZTE to learn about the importance of autonomous networks in addressing diverse business demands and how to bring autonomous networks into reality, achieving operators’ digital transformation.

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At SubOptic 2023, Telecom Review Asia connects with Christian Priess, Head of Central Europe, Africa and Middle East at Hexatronic, to learn about the company’s ongoing efforts to grow its expertise, expand new revenue streams and grow its geographical market presence in FTTH and subsea cables globally.

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“5G extraordinary and multi-dimensional experience attributes open multi-paths for monetization, adding both commercial and social values.” This was the message highlighted by Peng Song, president of Huawei's ICT strategy & marketing, during the 5G Business Success Summit at the 2023 Mobile World Congress.

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Recent advancements and the convergence of three important technologies: artificial intelligence, IoT and edge computing, will drive the fourth industrial revolution, reshaping industries and subsequently, consumer behavior. These three key drivers for what has been dubbed Industry 4.0 are very promising, given that they are mobile-based and intelligent, and will connect the physical, digital and virtual world for everyone. And this is why the race to 5G has continuously become more competitive, especially in Thailand, which has become among the most impressive 5G success stories in Southeast Asia.

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