In a society that has become increasingly preoccupied with having the latest technologically-advanced gadgets and apps for ease, entertainment and leisure, it is easy to forget that there are still billions of world citizens, especially children, who are suffering in silence from the lack of basic healthcare and nutritional needs. In light of this confronting reality, one man has decided to use his influence and platform to change this, beginning with his home country of India.

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“Limelight Network’s private CDN network coupled with our move to build a stronger edge presence, are committed to helping our clients tackle challenges in delivering quality digital content to end-users, and ultimately improve overall customer experience,” says Jaheer Abbas, the Senior Director of Limelight Networks for Southeast Asia and India.

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In order to know more about telcos’ digital transformation and the role of satellite operators in the 5G era, Telecom Review spoke to Karl Horne, VP, Telco/MNO Data Solutions, SES Networks at ConnecTechAsia 2019.

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