With more and more organizations realizing the benefits of digital transformation, enterprise management software solutions and cloud service providers, Yonyou is also quickly expanding its digital ecosystem amid increasing business partnerships within various public and private sectors.

Telecom Review Asia interviews Bowen Guo, general manager, Overseas Business Unit of Yonyou Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Yonyou (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. on the vital role of high-quality and secure cloud services to maximize its business capabilities, especially amid its global expansion.

Yonyou has been recognized by Gartner as one of the global top 10 ERP providers and is ranked by the International Data Corporation as the largest enterprise management software provider in China. Yonyou has over 230 branches and 10,000 ecosystem partners worldwide, providing best practices for cross-border enterprises.  

And to further strengthen its capabilities, the company is leveraging cloud-native technology. Yonyou sees the need for strong technical support and high global accessibility, such as what Huawei Cloud delivers.

Secure and High-Quality Cloud Technologies

As the largest B2B SaaS vendor in China, Yonyou is quickly building up a thriving digital ecosystem, prompting the need for more secure and high-quality services. And to provide secure technologies and support, the company continues to partner with Huawei Cloud for its strong technical support and high global accessibility.

Guo stresses that the Huawei Cloud focuses on the IaaS and PaaS layers, while Yonyou focuses on the SaaS layer. And Huawei cloud mostly deals with the bottom layer or underlying technologies, thereby delivering high-quality services to Yonyou to help them serve their customers.

As Guo explains, “Huawei cloud mainly focuses on the IaaS and PaaS layers. IaaS means the infrastructure, and I think Huawei is a leading player in providing a wide range of cloud infrastructure. It offers diversified infrastructure products, including cloud infrastructures, databases, middleware and security technologies. I think they can provide all-rounded businesses and technologies in these domains, and Huawei plans to develop the operating systems further. Thus, I believe that is also one of their advantages with the all-rounded infrastructure of Huawei cloud. Yonyou is actually growing with Huawei cloud.”

As the ecosystem partner of Huawei, Yonyou is also maximizing the resources shared by Huawei Cloud, including customer resources and partner resources, as well as technological advantages in this domain.

Yonyou’s New Product Lines 

Yonyou has also launched its latest business innovation platform, the Yonyou BIP, or business innovation platform. The company boasts that this is its next-gen cloud ERP product for overseas users.

Yonyou BIP is the company’s new generation cloud product platform. BIP consists of two business lines: the first one is YonBIP, which mainly aims at larger-sized customers; and the second is YonSuite, which primarily serves small and medium-sized customers. With these new product offerings, the company is working with Huawei to provide personalized and customized services to its customers.

“So Yonyou BIP is our new generation cloud product platform. It follows the 1+3+X architecture. 1 indicates the technological platform, and 3 indicates the application in 3 domains, including human resources, financial services and supply chain. And X actually indicates our ecosystem, and it includes more than 10,000 ecosystem partners who work together with Yonyou to provide services to customers,” Guo.

Guo stresses that their latest product developments allow for the acceleration of digital transformation of their partners and customers.

Furthermore, Yonyou has also built a new data center in Singapore to support the business development of Yonyou BIP and help the company respond to some issues or challenges in Southeast Asia. 

Guo explains, “And now, we can provide better, localized cloud services to serve our customer segments in this region better. And then, we can better link or work with our ISV partners. These ISV partners can provide better-localized services. So, in addition to globalization, we must focus on localization. So, with the joint collaboration with the ISV partners, we can better comply with the local accounting rules or the human resources policies like the labor laws in the regions.”

With 11 certifications from worldwide security authorities such as ISO 27001, EAL3+ and CSA STAR, Yonyou has largely enhanced data security and strengthened data storage capability by data deployment overseas. And Yonyou says that this, with the help of Huawei Cloud, will deliver reliable and secure cloud service to global customers.

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