Since the beginning of the year, there have been around 210,000 layoffs at big tech companies in the US. In November alone, there were 46,000 job cuts in the US, with Meta, Google, Microsoft and Amazon among the big techs that are implementing such massive layoffs.

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5G promises new and innovative capabilities that bring marked improvements to enterprises. Apart from being the improved version of preceding mobile communication technology, 5G enables new applications across enterprise sectors, taking IoT and industrial applications to unprecedented levels. These new capacities allow enterprises to create new digital services, new business opportunities and viable monetization models to raise their overall competitive edge in a fast-evolving business landscape.

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The global economy is forecast to be digitalized by 50% in 2025. Among the countries seen to have accelerated its digital transformation, Thailand targets to increase its digital economy to 50% by 2030. The Southeast Asian country has been among the fastest-growing digital economies in the region in the last two years. It has since started increasing its cloud technology to government agencies to 30% and to the private sector at about 70%. Data monetization is meanwhile predicted to multiply six times by 2030, and the digital economy is also predicted to generate 60–65 million new jobs as it develops in the future.

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The tech war between the US and China continues to gain momentum. To counter a move by the US to disrupt China’s semiconductor technology supply, China is allocating $143 billion to boost its capabilities in advanced chip design and manufacturing. As one of several measures, this fund will provide financial subsidies and incentives for Chinese chipmakers to develop and acquire the required semiconductor technology.

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The ASEAN region holds tremendous digital business potential for global service providers, hyperscalers, content providers and OTT players. TM Wholesale is empowering them with comprehensive digital infrastructure solutions to provide a seamless gateway into the region.

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