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SK Telecom has signed a MoU with Indonesia's largest telco, Telekom Indonesia, to cooperate in IoT, media and smart products and '˜Lifeware', SK Telecom's consumer-centric smart devices that add value and convenience to people's lives. Under the MoU the two companies will work together to develop new business opportunities in smart city and IoT services.

SK Telecom plans to introduce to Telkom its IoT platform, ThingPlug, and share its knowhow in deployment and operation of LoRa networks with the aim of jointly developing IoT technologies and services that are tailored to the Indonesian market and customers.

The two companies will also discuss forming a joint venture for their IoT business within the next two years, and say they will make joint efforts to expand their presence beyond the Indonesian market.

SK Telecom and Telkom also agreed to collaborate in the development of cloud-based TV services/solutions for Telkom customers by using SK Telecom's media solution, Cloud Streaming.

Cloud Steaming is provided by SK Telecom's wholly-owned subsidiary Entrix and, according to SK Telecom, is 'an innovative solution that enables media companies including cable, TV, IPTV service providers to realize a high-performance, high-quality service regardless of set-top box performance/specification [and that] significantly enhances content transmission speed by utilizing cloud servers to handle data, thereby improving user convenience and satisfaction.'

The two companies have also agreed to work together to introduce SK Telecom's laser pico projector '˜UO Smart Beam Laser' to the Indonesian market, through Telkom's distribution subsidiary, PINS.

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