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Thailand’s largest mobile operator, AIS, has signed MoUs with vendors Huawei, ZTE and Nokia to carry out joint research on their preparation for 5G trials.

The operator said in a statement that their work with vendors is part of their aim to find various use cases which could meet a number of industry-specific needs. The timetable for the tests are yet to be disclosed.

CTO of the Thai operator, Kriengsak Wanichnatee, stated that they are currently looking into upgrading their existing network in an effort to enhance its services towards its customers and the digital industry’s goals. He signed the agreements with senior representatives from the three telecom vendors in Thailand at an official ceremony.

Mobile Operators in Thailand plan to roll out the next-generation technology during the second half of 2020, however the telecom industry in the country has been experiencing some difficulties due to spectrum pricing which has caused a delay in the expected launch date.

AIS has about 40 million subscribers which accounts for around 45% market share.


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