Vodafone, through its Vodafone Partner Markets arm, has renewed for a further three years its five-year old partnership with Singaporean mobile operator, StarHub, designed to facilitate global mobile communications for businesses and individuals.

Vodafone's Partner Markets forges strategic alliances with operators around the world to offer products and services that extend Vodafone's reach. Agreements vary from roaming and service resale to full partner branding. The unit was formed in 2002 and now partners with 35 companies in 52 countries.

Over the past five years, Vodafone says the partnership with StarHub has expanded across enterprise services covering mobile connectivity as well as co-branding and knowledge sharing initiatives.

Under the renewed partnership, Vodafone says all StarHub mobile customers will continue to enjoy international roaming services, including high-speed data on Vodafone's 4G networks. Similarly, Vodafone customers visiting Singapore will be able to roam onto StarHub's LTE-Advanced network.

However the focus of the partnership will be multinational corporations, to meet their growing demand for unified communications and enterprise services.

Vodafone says StarHub will join the Vodafone International Enterprise network to help Singapore enterprises expand their business overseas by providing a simple way to scale up and manage their mobile communication needs. Global companies intending to set up operations in Singapore will be able to enjoy the same benefits.

StarHub chief commercial officer, Kevin Lim, said: 'This mutually beneficial collaboration enables StarHub to bridge geographical gaps, offering our customers global reach, and Vodafone's global customers, local support. This is especially important, as secured communication, high-speed connectivity and service quality form the foundation of a successful business in today's hyper-connected world.'

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