Telecom Review Asia Pacific is a premier digital media platform covering the telecommunications and ICT industries in the Asia Pacific region. With its interactive and up-to-date website - www.telecomreviewasia.com - and fortnightly newsletters, Telecom Review Asia Pacific relays the latest news, insight and intelligence on the industry.

The go-to source for targeted telecommunications and ICT news, Telecom Review Asia Pacific reports on Asia Pacific markets, and is focussed on delivering features, researches, covering exclusive events and conducting one-on-one interviews with high-level executives and thought leaders in the industry.

Telecom Review Asia Pacific’s bi-monthly e-newsletters are blasted to a large and growing database of over 52,000 executives from the telecommunications and ICT sector, including telecom operators, vendors, content providers, and governmental organizations, consultants, as well as enterprises from the oil and gas industry, amongst others. The e-newsletters are circulated to more than 25 countries in the region, with the highest circulation in China, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan and Australia, among others.

Quarterly e-magazines spotlight industry trends and happenings to keep executives in the telecommunications and ICT sector informed of the latest news. In addition, breaking news bulletins are also released whenever an important development occurs in the industry keepingreaders abreast of new developments.

Telecom Review Asia Pacific is also a major media partner that sponsors many international events in Asia, including Communic Indonesia and CommunicAsia, with experienced reporters on-site to relate first-hand news. Special e-newsletters are also published in conjunction with these events to relay key messages and highlight new technologies.

Launched in 2012, Telecom Review Asia Pacific is part of Telecom Review Group. Since its inception, it has been growing as an important news outlet amongst ICT leaders in Asia.

Telecom Review is one of the most active media platforms that gives readers first-hand access to the telecom industry’s insights. It is also present at major telecom events in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and North America.

Telecom Review is a multi-language telecom media platform with digital, print and app editions covering 80% of the ICT global readership. With a large experience in the fields of media and events organization, it has gained a stellar reputation throughout the years for its success stories.

First published 18 years ago, Telecom Review now boasts a global footprint, with editions covering the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, and North America.

Every year, Telecom Review organises the renowned Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit to congregate C-level executives representing telecom equipment vendors, telecom operators, industry regulators, government officials, content providers, cybersecurity experts, consultants, and smart city innovators from over 56 countries, making it a global summit with a regional contribution to the telecom industry. The event also honors and awards companies and leaders that impact the industry.

In the past couple of years, Telecom Review has also been the first to start organising various online panels to bring together industry leaders and partners to discuss diverse topics including digital transformation, digitizing the capacity industry, revolutionizing connectivity and IPv6 enhanced innovation, among others.

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