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SK Telecom (SKT) announced that its Vice Chairman Park Jung-ho and CEO Ryu Young-sang met with Surangel Whipps. Jr., the president of the Republic of Palau, to discuss cooperation to upgrade Palau’s communication infrastructure.

SK Telecom also asked the Palauan government to support Busan’s bid to host the “World Expo 2030”.

At the meeting, Vice Chairman Park Jung-ho said, “The World Expo 2030 Busan highlights the seriousness of the global climate change and the need for each country to take an active response. It will also serve as a great opportunity for Palau to experience Korea’s innovative technologies and methodologies to respond to climate change.”

SKT CEO Ryu Young-sang also suggested cooperation with the Palauan government to upgrade Palau’s current 4G LTE infrastructure to 5G. “Based on SKT’s technologies and experience accumulated through the world’s first commercialization of 5G, we can work together to build 5G infrastructure in Palau,” said      Ryu Young-sang.

According to SK’s press release, President Whipps showed great interest in SKT's formidable 5G infrastructure built across Korea as well as other advanced technologies including AI, metaverse, IoT      and cloud services. There was also discussion about renewable energy, another industry that SKT has much experience in.

Meanwhile, in June this year, SKT has become the first Korean mobile operator to provide LTE roaming service to customers traveling to Palau, a popular tourist destination for Koreans.

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