ZTE, together with China Mobile, has successfully completed the commercial verification of an intent-driven hierarchical service assurance solution based on radio composer in Quanzhou city, Fujian province, realizing “1-minute intent issuance, millisecond-level user experience guarantee, and 3-minute result feedback” as an end-to-end process.

The verification marks a milestone breakthrough as it has turned the intent-driven network concept into commercial deployment for the first time in the industry.

This solution innovatively introduces the industry's most concerned intent network into the telecommunications industry by adopting a service assurance entry point and deeply integrates intent-related technologies into the most common service guarantee scenarios, including Tiktok live streaming, online video, online conference and code scanning. By entering natural languages, an end-to-end specific service guarantee is easily achieved under various complicated scenarios, realizing extreme ease of use, rapid response, excellent performance and ultimate guarantee.

In 2022, China Mobile and ZTE fully entered into strategic cooperation in the field of autonomous intelligent networks in Fujian province, providing new networks and ICT services with "zero waiting, zero failure and zero touch" in order to build digital and intelligent O&M capabilities of "autonomous-configuration, autonomous-healing and autonomous-optimization." This successful commercial verification of intent-driven hierarchical service assurance is an important attempt and breakthrough by China Mobile Fujian and ZTE regarding intelligent wireless networks. The intent-driven network will further improve the level of network intelligence, achieve contactless service experience assurance and realize “what you get is what you want.”

The intent-driven network for service assurance provides a solid foundation for applications in other scenarios as well. In the future, the Fujian branch of China Mobile will further cooperate with industrial partners to expand the application scenarios to more than 7,000 mainstream daily service applications and build an intent-driven ecosystem to support full-scenario integrated intent-driven network operation and maintenance.

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