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ZTE, a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, has officially released the Beyond 5G Technology Whitepaper at 5G Summit 2022 in Italy. The whitepaper aims to lay a technical foundation for the whole ecosystem to boost digital transformation in the “Beyond 5G” phase and fulfill 5G’s potential to benefit individuals, businesses, governments and societies.

The whitepaper begins with GSMA Intelligence’s profound insights into the global industry trends, challenges to operators, standard developments and potential industry verticals. Based on its scenario-driven and value-oriented principles, ZTE screens some key potential technologies in the Beyond 5G phase. The company analyzes not only the characteristics of each technology but also the scenarios and value services in the future.

In addition, some technologies in the whitepaper have been developed into prototypes and are being verified together with operators. For instance, the RIS (Reconfigurable Intelligent metaSurface) and base station synergy solution can efficiently solve the continuous coverage challenge of mmWave bands and provide a double guarantee of rate and coverage for value areas. Another case is integrated sensing and communication, which ZTE innovated together with computation and control, enriching new applications such as facility security and vehicle-road synergy.

The core mission in the B5G phase is to help 5G create greater value, optimize and solve development problems and leverage the digital economy to propel economic recovery. Moving forward, ZTE will actively provide products and solutions to meet the requirements of various scenarios. Also, the company will cooperate with more industry partners, operators, distributors and industry verticals, to further accelerate digital transformation, reshape a new digital landscape and achieve a win-win digital economy through the Beyond 5G stage.

Download the B5G Whitepaper


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