ZTE has been awarded “Best Technology Deployment” at the 2022 Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit for its radio composer, the industry-first solution powered by native AI at 5G base stations to deliver high-level 5G services.

“Best Technology Deployment” is one of the Telecom Review Excellence Awards that acknowledge the most prestigious achievements in the ICT industry. This award recognizes ZTE’s achievements in deploying radio composer and contributions to the technology of 5G evolution.

As 5G ramps up, operators are facing unprecedented challenges in ensuring personalized user experiences for diversified 5G services. Different from the traditional “one-size-fits-all” radio resource management strategy, ZTE’s radio composer enhances 5G user experiences through precise mapping between network resources, terminal capabilities and service requirements, significantly improving network efficiency and increasing revenue for operators. It leverages native AI right inside base stations, enabling local data processing and relaxing bandwidth requirements for raw data transmission. The results are notably more cost-effective compared with alternatives such as rolling out more sites or investing in new spectrums.

ZTE’s radio composer also integrates intent-driven operation and computing-power sharing to improve network capability and agility. With an intent-driven network delivering real-time service assurance according to prioritized human intentions, it significantly improves network O&M efficiency and accelerates RAN automation. Meanwhile, the computing power sharing enables intelligent utilization of idle computing power between different base stations, thereby offering greater capability with existing resources for AI-based applications.

To date, ZTE’s radio composer has been deployed in more than 10,000 sites, achieving 30% more 5G network capacity and up to 300% faster user speed. Also, its comprehensive commercial trials are underway in Thailand, Philippines and other markets.

ZTE has been committed to bringing more benefits to the operators and society by facilitating the evolution of 5G networks and digital transformation in various industries.

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