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Samsung have announced that they will not be unveiling the highly anticipated launch of their Galaxy S8 at the Mobile World Congress expo in Barcelona next month.

MWC is the flagship event which traditionally sees all the major smartphone brands from all around the world show off their latest products. However, it has now been officially disclosed that Samsung will not be one of the leading mobile smartphone brands showcasing its new devices.

The new Galaxy S8 is the South Korean’s company’s new phone that will succeed the disastrous Galaxy Note 7, which had to be recalled shortly after going on sale due to issues with faulty batteries – which were established as the cause of problems following an investigation by Samsung into the incidents.  

The phone was a severe safety hazard and was catching fire due to the faulty batteries , and in one instance the Galaxy Note 7 actually self-combusted.

Because of the disastrous impact of the Galaxy Note 7 on Samsung’s financial performance last year, there is naturally a lot of pressure on Samsung to deliver a successful product from its stakeholders after their experience last year with the launch of its new S8.

Samsung declined as to why they were not launching the company’s flagship mobile at MWC – and its decision has raised eyebrows because it launched its new devices at the MWC in Barcelona for the last three years.

It has not been established when the S8 will eventually make its debut. However, it’s likely that new battery testing and quality assurance processes, introduced after Samsung discovered the cause behind the demise of the Note 7, might be pushing back its launch test.

The handset is rumored to have a screen that’s curved at the sides and nearly bezel less; it might also feature iris scanner, a pressBarcelonaure-sensitive display and hopefully, a headphone jack.

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