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GSMA are forecasting that over 65,000 people will descend upon Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWCS) 2017 to learn about the latest industry developments and innovations on show from the Asia-Pacific region. However, according to GSMA Chief Marketing Officer, Michael O’Hara, the central theme of the show will be ‘innovation’. He also hailed the success of the show which continues to grow exponentially every year.

O’Hara said: “The show has grown incredibly over the last six years and in that time, exciting companies from Asia, and China in particular, continue to take a leading role in the development of our industry. The central theme of the show is undoubtedly ‘innovation’.”

O’Hara emphasized the importance of the event by highlighting that this year’s MWCS 2017 is the biggest in the city to date. In addition to this, he claimed that the show being lengthened was indicative of the demand from exhibitors and attendees alike. He added: “First, the event overall has expanded to four days from three last year, and the conference has also been extended to three days from two. We have moved the conference to the SINEC, and it is now located in the same hall as the GSMA Innovation City.”

The exhibition now comprises of ‘Experience Halls’ and ‘Industry Halls’ – attendees visiting the Experience Halls can learn about the latest innovations covering mobile devices, health and fitness industries, mixed reality services for the home, sporting technology, and VR and AR in dedicated zones. In contrast, the Industry Halls offer attendees the chance to explore ‘Innovation City’, which provides a first-hand insight into how mobile-connected products and services are improving the lives of citizens, enterprises and governments in Asia and around the world, with immersive, cutting-edge, demonstrations covering industry sectors such as retail, transport and automotive.

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