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As part of the keynote session during the first day of the Ultra-Broadband Forum 2022 (UBBF 2022) in Bangkok, Thailand, two key Huawei executives shed light on the progress, opportunities and innovations for ultra-broadband and fixed 5.5G networks.

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As organizations in Southeast Asia embrace a digital-first mindset, cybersecurity remains a high-priority investment for the majority of businesses in the region. Findings from the recent IDC Asia/Pacific Security Sourcing Survey 2022 indicate cybersecurity as a critical investment area for organizations in Southeast Asia, which they look to procure from third-party providers. 

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At the Autonomous Networks Summit 2022 held in Bangkok, Thailand, TM Forum and 54 industry partners, including China Mobile, AIS and Huawei, jointly released the fourth Autonomous Networks (AN) whitepaper: Autonomous Networks: Empowering Digital Transformation – from Strategy to Implementation.

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At the Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2022 (MBBF2022), Yang Chaobin, president of Huawei ICT products & solutions and Huawei Wireless Solution, releases One 5G concept and a set of solutions designed to facilitate the evolution of all bands to 5G. "5G is in the fast lane," Mr. Yang said. "The future calls for the evolution of all bands to 5G. Huawei's All-Band 5G Solution series will help customers build 5G networks with optimal performance, ultimate experiences and minimal energy consumption."

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For the nine months that ended on September 30, 2022, ZTE achieved operating revenue of RMB 92.56 billion, an increase of 10.4% as compared with the same period last year. During the period, net profit attributable to holders of ordinary shares of the listed company reached RMB 6.82 billion, an increase of 16.5%, and net profit after extraordinary items attributable to holders of ordinary shares of the listed company amounted to RMB 5.55 billion, representing a year-on-year increase of 55.3%. The basic earnings per share were RMB 1.44.

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Huawei launched the RuralLink solution at the Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2022 (MBBF 2022). Through site-level innovations, this solution enables green sites, site simplification and easy evolution. This makes it possible for operators to build mobile networks that allow for positive business cycles in rural areas while connecting those who are still unconnected.

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