SK Telecom and Nokia claim to have deployed the world's first cloud-based SDRAN (Software-Defined RAN) - also known as Cloud RAN - in a commercial network. They say that, by taking advantage of virtualized functions it is able to deliver new network scalability and elasticity, enhancing quality of service and network stability.

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Ooredoo Myanmar has announced 'recording-breaking growth' with the addition of 1.3 million customers in the second quarter of 2016, taking the total number of users on its network to 8.2 million, 2.4 million of which were added in the first six months of 2016. The company also told the Myanmar Times that the number of 4G users had passed the half million mark. Meanwhile Nokia and Ooredoo Myanmar have announced completion of network rollout and launch of what they claim to be the first LTE (4G) service in Myanmar.

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Huawei Indonesia has partnered with Accenture, Cloudera, Anabatic, IDPRO, Infosys and Telkomsigma to launch Huawei FusionSphere 6.0, billed as an enterprise-class cloud operating system that helps customers deploy virtual servers, private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, clouds desktop, and virtualized network infrastructure.

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PCCW Global announced on September 8 that it is now ISO 50001 and ISO 9001 certified for its energy and quality management systems. PCCW Global is said to be proud of the achievement as it demonstrates its commitment to providing high quality products and services to its clients and further reinforces its position as a leader in delivering digital solutions.

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Nagra, a Swiss provider of content protection and multiscreen television technologies and research and strategy consultancy MTM have released the results of a survey of the Asia Pacific pay TV market, saying it is highly fragmented with a large 'innovation gap' between advanced and emerging markets.

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The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) has warned of a widening digital divide between high-income and low-income countries in Asia, saying that fixed broadband penetration is only about two percent in 20 Asian countries.

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ZTE has published a white paper setting out the strategy and vision that it says will guide the company for the next five years. It is based on five trends to which ZTE has given the acronym VOICE: Virtuality, Openness, Intelligence, Cloudification and internet of Everything.

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