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ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, has helped the Inner Mongolia branch of China Telecom complete the construction of directly connected nodes in the national-level Internet backbone in Hohhot, and implement device deployment and service provisioning. That indicates the successful Internet information interconnection in the region. China Telecom has made great progress in 163 backbone construction.

The project was supervised by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, which aims to improve the nation's Internet architecture and communication performance, push the Internet industries to central and western regions, and expedite the progress of the big data industry in the region.

Regardless of adverse effects such as traffic control caused by the epidemic, ZTE, in close cooperation with China Telecom, had finished equipment deployment by 25 September 2020 and has accomplished service provisioning.

ZTE's IP equipment selected in the project, integrated with innovative technologies including SRv6/SDN/FlexE, supports up to 2T per slot and high-rate interfaces from GE to 400GE to offer high-bandwidth services. Its in-built 7nm in-house chipsets have high integration and the industry-leading ultra-low Gbit power consumption. They allow millisecond-level fast switching, which remarkably enhances the robustness of the network.

Mr. Hu Junjie, the Chief Branding Officer of transport network products of ZTE said: “The commercial deployment of the directly connected nodes is an important cooperation between China Telecom and ZTE on the construction of the 163 backbone network, strongly boosting local economic growth and transformation.”

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