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Huawei has proposed its Ultra-Broadband 2020 (UBB 2020) strategy to Indonesia to help telecom operators seize business opportunities and address challenges in the next five years, during a speech at the 12th Annual Broadband TV Connect Asia Conference in Jakarta.

Huawei says that, by learning from the development trends of the global ultra-broadband industry and telecom operators' business operation strategies, the UBB 2020 strategy strives to enhance the ICT maturity of Indonesia, as the nation steps up its broadband coverage in inner city and suburban areas, the quality of its network, as well as user experience such as 4K video streaming.

Huawei principal consultant, Nigel Bruin, said: ""Huawei believes there is a need to build a new broadband that helps telecom operators continue to grow with rising demands, providing gigabit broadband everywhere that supports modern business model innovation and agile service creation. A  new broadband that delivers an inspired experience, with smooth high-resolution video, freedom for users to use and change services themselves, and connects them socially with our community.""

Lim Chee Siong, chief marketing officer of Huawei Southern Pacific Region, said: 'Huawei's core responsibilities are to propel ultra-broadband industry development in a sustainable, orderly, and healthy manner, effectively serve telecom operators in Indonesia, and provide optimal end-to-end business and network solutions to help operators achieve business success.""

Push for Indonesia Fiber-To-The-Home Alliance
Arief Mustain, Telkom and one of the key members of Masyarakat Telematika Indonesia (MASTEL) said: ""Moving towards our vision of achieving a digital economy in South East Asia, we see the necessity in forming an Indonesia Fiber-To-The-Home Alliance (IFA). The IFA will play a key role in the ecosystem by pushing forward the FTTH agenda towards a digital economy. We also call upon industry players to join us in boosting ICT digital services through FTTH.""


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