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KDDI, Supership Holdings and Supership are jointly developing a next-generation digital advertising platform scheduled to launch in January 2022. The platform will prioritize data privacy while serving highly relevant advertising based on customer lifestyles.

At the core, the patented technology provided by Novatiq Ltd. enables advertisers to activate audiences using only permission-based data. Jointly, KDDI, Supership Holdings and Supership will integrate the platform with Supership's advertising platform to provide optimized digital marketing for advertisers.

To date, using third-party data to reach audiences based on customer interests and needs across websites and apps has been a mainstream practice in digital marketing. However, from a data privacy protection viewpoint, this is globally becoming more problematic, as much of this third-party data originates from tracking customer behavior with Cookies or advertising IDs without consent. This situation demands new marketing methods that do not rely on the utilization of such third-party data.

The platform protects the customer's data privacy by generating a transient one-time token, or ad delivery IDs for each website or mobile app interaction combined with KDDI's permission-based attribution. It enables advertisers to serve highly relevant ads using only permission-based data, ensures that customer privacy is protected, and supports effective marketing.

KDDI, Supership Holdings and Supership will utilize this new technology in their aim to spread the use of digital ad delivery that prioritizes privacy.

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