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Thai mobile service provider, TrueMove H, has deployed Procera's ScoreCard technology to monitor the quality of experience (QoE) its network is delivering to subscribers across 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE.

TrueMove H says it needs better intelligence about the QoE delivered to subscribers to maximize the return on investment for its capex as higher bandwidth mobile devices, connected cars, and the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to proliferate.

Procera says ScoreCard is being used for raw QoE KPI intelligence and to help guide capex investments and better service planning. 'TrueMove H's management can quickly use the data and visualization to further aid business investment decisions, maximize RoI, and reduce churn among the subscriber base.'

ScoreCard has been deployed across TrueMove H's network to measure the quality of mobile broadband delivery. ScoreCard measures each subscriber's throughput, latency, and packet loss at sub second intervals to gauge the ability of the network to deliver a high quality experience to the subscriber.

The quality measurements include location, device, and service plan attributes to provide context for each subscriber's traffic to ensure that the data is actionable.

The network is rated from '˜A' to '˜F' in application categories that subscribers care about, including: web surfing, streaming video, social media, real-time gaming, upload, download and voice applications.

'No personally identifiable information (PII) is collected from the subscribers, but the overall quality of the broadband service is measured and fed back to a centrally deployed Procera Insights system,' Procera says.

'ScoreCard has already identified several areas of investment that will improve the QoE of the TrueMove H network, and action has been taken to enhance the subscriber experience based on ScoreCard's recommendations.

'Network Engineering can drill down deeper and analyze the actions to take at different locations in the network to resolve QoE hotspots. Marketing can use scores to differentiate with innovative services where the operator is particularly strong at delivering a high QoE, like video streaming and social networking.'

TrueMove H CIO, Dr Viriya Upatising, said mobile operators were increasingly differentiating their offerings by delivering a differentiated experience to subscribers. 'Procera's solutions enable TrueMove H to see the actual experience delivered to their subscribers in real-time, and ScoreCard provides unique QoE KPIs and visualization that is ensuring the experience is a good one for all subscribers.'


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