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HKT announced that its telemedicine platform, DrGo, will join River Cam Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Clinic, and South Kwai Chung Social Service Office to deliver 100 free traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) consultation service sessions for Kwai Tsing district residents in Hong Kong.

Dubbed as the “Kwai Tsing TCM Telemedicine Programme”, it will provide a 30-minute video consultation, prescribed medication for at least two days and medicine delivery service to the address provided.

HKT’s telemedicine platform is now among the most sought-after health services in the region, linking users with more than 12 medical partners and 100 medical professionals to give them virtual consultation in general practice, eight specialist categories such as TCM, pediatrics, family medicine      and psychological health, among others.

DrGo’s Chief Commercial Officer Teresa Ng, said in a statement, “DrGo is committed to upholding its corporate social responsibility and contributing to the community. To date, DrGo has provided free video consultation services to more than 1,500 people in need. Through launching the Kwai Tsing TCM Telemedicine Programme and expanding DrGo’s free services to TCM for the first time, we hope to allow patients who require TCM to experience the convenience of video consultation services, which can also help treat their long COVID symptoms.”

Meanwhile, Alan Hoi-Lun Koo, Consultant Practitioner of River Cam Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Clinic, said, “TCM plays an integral role in treating chronic illness. During the COVID-19 outbreak, TCM has proven to be effective in alleviating symptoms and treating sequelae, as well as rehabilitation during recovery. Yet, many patients who have refrained from going out during the epidemic have been unable to attend follow-up sessions, which in turn affected treatment effectiveness and recovery pace. Through technology advancements, patients can now take part in thorough TCM video consultations with TCM practitioners while eliminating the hassle of travel and geographical limitations. This not only increases their willingness to attend follow-up consultations, but also allow us to benefit more patients. We are honoured to be part of this programme, through which the underprivileged can benefit from volunteer medical consultation.”

To further promote the TCM Telemedicine Programme among the residents in Kwai Tsing area, DrGo has deployed a truck to travel around the area to help spread awareness about the initiative.

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