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Nepal Telecom has formally announced its intentions and strategic plans towards strengthening its wireline business. The telecommunications operator is taking progressive steps towards replacing its copper infrastructure with fiber. In addition to this, it further disclosed plans to launch FTTH and other value-added services according to reports emerging from the region.

Nepal Telecom, which is a state-run operator has encountered a number of issues in recent years – and has experienced a significant decline in growth in fixed line services brought on as a consequence of increased popularity in mobile services. However, it is now taking the necessary steps required in order to address and ultimately halt this rapid decline.

Nepal Telecom also disclosed plans that it proposes to introduce prepaid and online payment options for fixed line services. According to statistics released from Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), it indicates that Nepal Telecom had around 681,000 PSTN subscribers as of mid-February, compared to 31 million GSM subscribers.

Analysts have claimed that Nepal Telecom has no other alternative solution available to them in order to address the declining growth in fixed line services – and has predicted that by modernizing its network they will be able to attract new customers in addition to sustaining the existing relationships it has.

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