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Chinese investors are calling on regulators to relax rules on initial public offerings (IPOs) by technology firms. The stifling draconian measures currently in place have been blasted by some investors who say the time has come for them to change their policy and approach.

A statement issued by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange mentioned that investors would like to invest in such domestic listings. A survey conducted by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange discovered that its survey indicated almost 90% of its respondents said Shenzhen’s start-up board Chi-Next should strengthen its support to domestic hi-tech firms.

The general consensus amongst investors is to lower the financial threshold for their IPO, or accept dual share classes according to survey published by the exchange.

The survey results, published on the exchange’s website, fit with regulators’ desire to bring home overseas-listed tech giants. Many of China’s biggest tech companies, including Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, Baidu Inc. JD.com Inc. and Tencent Holdings Ltd are all listed offshore.

However, it has emerged that China may allow its offshore-listed technology firms to sell a form of shares on the mainland, or China depositary receipts (CDRs). Sources close to the plan disclosed this information to a number of media sources earlier this week.

Analysts have claimed that such a plan, if implemented, would see Shanghai and Shenzhen pitted against Hong Kong in a battle to host China’s leading technology firms.

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