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China Broadband Communications (CBC) launched CBC eNet Connect, a fully-managed, transport agnostic, cloud native SD-WAN service in Singapore.

CBC eNet Connect is network-as-a-service (Naas) designed to enable enterprises and businesses to migrate to SD-WAN with zero-touch provisioning, network visibility and centralised policy management. Enterprises requiring SD-WAN for hundreds or thousands of retail points such as food and beverage, fast retail, supermarket and convenience stores; or companies looking for a SD-WAN or Hybrid WAN product that connects between China and their home country, with minimal upfront cost, can expect a service, which is scalable, robust and cost-effective Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) network replacement.

Importantly, CBC eNet Connect is an agile SD-WAN that enhances internet quality and performance, while optimizing access to global cloud-based applications like Office 365, Skype for Business, Salesforce and more. CBC eNet Connect is more cost effective compared to MPLS service as well as compared with other SD WAN providers.

As the world’s second largest economy with 1.4 billion population, China is a hot region for growth and many companies are still seeking to invest in China or has China as the core to their strategy. The expanding cross border business needs smooth and fast network infrastructure to support business operations. The smart routing optimization of CBC eNet Connect could improve Internet performance domestically and internationally based on the CBC IPv4 and IPv6 infrastructure.

CBC eNet Connect monitors path's link quality continuously, which is used for smart routing optimization, service accident alarm and auto operations. Based on the link quality monitored, CBC eNet Connect leverages different uplink such as wired internet and 4G uplink to optimize application traffic via different paths. CBC eNet Connect can also manage customers’ sites to eNet fabric via different ECR to achieve higher quality performance.

Another key benefit of adopting CBC eNet Connect is the reduction of circuit costs for enterprises and business with multiple locations. Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) is the enterprise gold standard of WAN transport between branches. Through Hybrid Connect, enterprises can enjoy combined internet access circuit from multiple ISP, including 4G LTE as well as 5G technologies.

CBC eNet Connect supports enterprises move to the cloud and offers secure connectivity to various cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

CBC eNet Connect supports large scale deployment with automation, flexibility, which could be set up in minutes instead of week or months.

Last but not least, CBC eNet Connect features an intelligent performance management feature that encompasses everything from networking to dataflow into a single platform. Users can easily and quickly monitor and report data, make changes to network configuration.

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