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ZTE Corporation has helped the Zhejiang branch of China Mobile send China's first 5G message based on GSMA UP2.4 standard in Hangzhou, China, thereby making China Mobile the first Chinese operator to implement the 5G Message Center (5GMC).

It is expected that China Mobile's 5G message will enter into commercial use by the end of June 2020, which represents a formal countdown to the commercial use of 5G messages in China.

This first 5G message has realized the interconnection between the 5G message system and Chatbot or the existing network equipment, implementing point-to-point transmission of rich media messages such as pictures, videos, locations and files.

The communication between the terminal and the new-generation industrial application Chatbot is implemented by leveraging the MAAP platform, thereby greatly improving the multimedia service experience of terminal users and accelerating the commercial use of 5G messages.

The Zhejiang Branch of China Mobile is the first pilot unit of China Mobile's 5G messages. Its 5GMC system, which is constructed by ZTE, employs a full cloud-based NFV architecture and a built-in lightweight solution.

In addition to the downward compatibility with 2G/3G/4G short messages, the 5GMC system also provides brand-new 5G messaging services, which feature enhanced messages and business messages, and short message upgrade to rich media messages, card messages, and Chatbot applications.

As a consequence, 5G terminal users and industry users can experience one-stop services, such as search, dialogue, interaction and payment in the message window, without the need to install any APP, thereby directly accessing the applications of the operators and third parties.

ZTE has been committed to China Mobile's 5G messaging services for a long time. As a world-leading messaging service provider, ZTE has been working closely with China Mobile to guide and promote the establishment of international 5G messaging standards. For instance, ZTE has assisted China Mobile to complete the GSMA UP certification for the first time in the world, and organized the 5G message interworking test for the three major Chinese operators, thereby laying a solid foundation for the development of 5G messages.

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