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Infinet Wireless, the global leader in fixed wireless broadband connectivity, provided its solutions to Telekomunikasi Selular, known by the trade name Telkomsel, one of the biggest cellular telecommunication operators in Indonesia and the sixth largest operator in the world.

Having most of their Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) with IP microwave technology enabled, as well as VSAT and optical cable, Telkomsel came to need large bandwidth using more cost-efficient technological solutions at the same time. The telecommunication operator selected Infinet Wireless solutions, such as Quanta 5, among others. It resulted in building up a radio link of 180 km to provide connectivity despite different obstacles, such as obstructive hills in the area, the ocean and the islands.

Telkomsel selected Infinet Wireless’ orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) radio equipment, ticking the box for the most cost-efficient way for a wireless carrier which provides coverage in rural areas. The company’s technological partner, KISEL Group, a telecommunications services infrastructure provider, supplied the equipment, designed deployment of the links, and carried out support for the deployment of OFDM backhaul. KISEL Group planned to rely on a more cost-efficient solution by taking advantage of the unlicensed 5 GHz frequency band — a steady, carrier-class product, providing high-throughput performance and capable of working in nearLOS / NonLOS conditions.

KISEL Group turned to Wirakom Sistem, the largest Indonesian Infinet Wireless solutions provider, who contributed to successful design of a network that delivered the aggregated 108 Mbps service with the longest link ever, which at 180 km is a record-breaking length.

When comparing vendors' solutions, KISEL Group representatives spotted Infinet Wireless products’ top-notch technology and necessary resilience to work in extreme weather conditions. Added to this was a high level of user-friendliness when it came to engineers’ work, and the fact that Infinet Wireless solutions are highly cost-effective.

“We were impressed with Infinet OFDM as one of our rural transmission solutions, especially the new Quanta range, which covers nLOS terrestrial transmission in hilly terrain with good quality and at an affordable price. Thanks also to the Kisel & Wirakom team, which has been supporting us as an intermediary company. It has delivered the service in several projects in Telkomsel, especially related to reducing satellite cost and special area development projects. Infinet has made the impossible propagation possible, delivering sufficient capacity and good quality,” said Teddy Indira Permana, General Manager Transport, Passive & Power Planning Division, PT Telkomsel.

“The project was challenging due to the remote locations and long distance of the area we wanted to cover - more than 180 kilometers; but we are more than happy with the Infinet solution deployed. We managed to provide regular and terrestrial areas with the required bandwidth capability needed for the telco systems to run smoothly with high availability performance. In addition, we have also future-proofed the whole wireless infrastructure network for further expansion,” Umar Syatri, Chief Operation Officer / Deputy Chairman of KISEL Group, concluded.

“We are proud to introduce the best point-to-point solutions to our partner and customer, which have met the requirements. We have delivered a hundred links of Infinet Wireless products, and anticipate Quanta 5 will exceed expectations,” Wiwit Ratno Ongko, CEO of Wirakom Sistem, a distributor of Infinet Wireless solutions in Indonesia, summed up.

In Indonesia’s diverse landscape, Infinet Wireless technology, especially that of OFDM radio, is proving to be a truly valuable solution, which is why Telkomsel, together with KISEL Group, is planning to expand the current framework. Considering the fact that Infinet Wireless solutions have already proven their productivity, the evolution promises to be even more exciting and profitable. 

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