HKT’s loyalty program and digital ventures arm - The Club, announces its strategic collaboration with Google Cloud to develop an innovative hyper-personalisation platform, named Copernicus, to integrate into The Club’s digital ecosystem across its business pillars. Combining its strong network and database with Google Cloud’s expertise and state-of-the-art technology, The Club aims to provide customers with a uniquely tailored online digital experience. 

Through closely collaborating with many business partners, The Club has long provided its members with truly unprecedented experiences and a variety of premium services, ranging from lifestyle, shopping, travel, insurance, and much more. This time, The Club looks to Copernicus to achieve a more focused and personalised customer experience, leveraging Google Cloud’s expertise in data security and governance, data analytics and data visualisation capabilities to deliver products and services geared specifically to each customer's specific needs. 

The Club’s Data Science team will develop machine learning and AI algorithms to identify customer needs-based products and services by analysing members’ behaviours and preferences, allowing The Club to take further steps towards enhancing consumer experiences with more personalised offerings. 

Specifically, Google Cloud’s advanced data analytics technology empowers The Club to build Copernicus which enables The Club to understand each individual member’s purchasing behaviour and interests more precisely and quickly on one unified platform. This in turn allows The Club to deploy more targeted and personalised marketing strategies for reaching individual members across all touchpoints of the customer journey. The Club members will benefit from tailored recommendations that match their interests and needs through their preferred channels. 

Mr. Alan Tsui, CEO of HKT’s loyalty, digital and analytics, said, “We are excited to announce this ground-breaking collaboration with Google Cloud in Copernicus. This enables us to provide the best services and products at the right time for individual members. In recent times, we have adopted data science technology to tailor exclusive rewards to selected members, piquing their already heightened interests. We firmly believe our unique in-house data capabilities, partnered with Google Cloud’s advanced technology, will lay a strong foundation for our digital transformation journey.” 

Copernicus’ machine learning ability is more than just analysis of The Club’s extensive database. Copernicus will allow The Club to constantly optimise its performance by forecasting customers’ behaviours with prescriptive information, thereby increasing the customer base by identifying and converting the right target audience segments. The Club hopes to connect more partners and customers to The Club ecosystem. With support from this collaboration which combines HKT’s comprehensive networks with Google Cloud’s secure infrastructure and global network, Copernicus will open a whole new world of opportunities for new and existing partners from across different industries, and promises enhanced services and unique experiences tailored to each individual member. 


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