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IBM and Korean IT services company SK Holdings C&C have made an agreement to develop cloud solutions and services for enterprises across a variety of industries. Jointly, the companies intend to drive over $200 million in revenue as a result of this collaboration over the next five years.

SK Holdings C&C has selected IBM as its premier provider of cloud infrastructure services in order to help businesses digitally transform into the new era of cloud computing.

SK Holdings C&C will use IBM Cloud to run solutions for various industries including public, financial services, telecommunications and manufacturing. The company will also work with IBM to deliver its Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings and Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities for developing these services and solutions on the IBM Cloud.

According to IBM, the agreement will enable SK Holdings C&C to leverage the full-range of IBM cloud services, including bare metal servers, virtual servers, storage, security, networking and other hybrid cloud services to address the needs of clients. As part of the agreement, SK Holdings C&C and IBM will also build a public cloud center in Pangyo, South Korea next year.

""Customers in Korea will benefit from a faster time-to-market, support for industrial-strength public and hybrid cloud, and access to more than 40 IBM Global Cloud data centers so they can manage their data more securely and efficiently across global markets,"" IBM said.

SK Holdings C&C PaaS and SaaS solutions delivered on the IBM Cloud will include its IT development solutions and services platforms. Working with IBM, SK Holdings C&C will also provide cloud management services to enterprises, such as 24x7 monitoring and provisioning, and cloud infrastructure management.

""The collaboration with IBM will ensure that our customers will be able to implement their systems and services based on the same cloud anywhere around the world quickly and without any initial costs,"" said Jung-Ho Park, President & CEO, SK Holdings C&C.

""With our IT services and convergent Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions we will open the era of ready-made IT solutions for companies across Korea.""

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