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Huawei Marine Networks claims to have achieved another breakthrough in transmission across an unrepeatered submarine cable with a transmission distance of 648.5 km in a laboratory test in Beijing. The test was performed on a 100Gbps channel over an ultra low loss optical fiber.

Huawei marine says the transmission was based on its advanced 100G technology, enhanced raman amplifier (ERPC) and remote optical pump amplifier (ROPA). It follows Huawei achieving transmission over an unrepeated distance of 627km in April.

'Combining PDM BPSK modulation, ODSP and third-generation soft decision technology, Huawei Marine's advanced 100G transmission technology addresses the issue of high dependence on the dispersion compensation module and low PMD while reducing the requirement of optical signal to noise ratio,' Huawei said. 'At the same time, the coding gain has been improved which greatly enhances 100G transmission capability while increasing transmission distance.'

Zhang Shigui, Vice President of Technology, Huawei Marine, said: 'When used commercially, this technology will broaden the range of unrepeatered system applications and create value for our customers.' Huawei gave no indication as to when the technology might be commercially available

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